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Glass Fusing Fun at Artopia

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Glass fusing has become extremely popular in the last few years, and at Artopia we have dedicated a large part of our studio for Glass Fusing fun.

As the name implies, fused glass or "kiln-fired" glass is glass that is created by "fusing" or melting together pieces of compatible art glass in a kiln to a temperature high enough to cause them to fuse together into a permanently blended unit or new piece of glass. The finished glass can be "slumped" or "draped" in a kiln into a three dimensional shape by placing it over a ceramic or metal mold and heating the glass until it softens and conforms to the mold.

We have a large selection of molds and offer everything from spoon rests, to plates, bowls, wine racks, sectional plates and much more. Base sizes start at 4x4" and range up to as much as 21" depending on the project. Price vary from $30 to $95 per project and includes instruction, equipment's, tools and as much glass as you want to use. You can layer up to 4 levels high. We offer a wide range of transparent and opaque glass in multiple colours along with decorating frit, stringers, rods, pebbles and millefiore. The second firing to shape your piece is an extra $9.00 per person. Min age 7 yrs

MAKE A PERSONAL CLOCK: We'll use our diamond bit and drill the hole and add your clock mechanism and hands for only an extra $20.

Join us and make your unique piece:

  • Jewelry
  • Night Lights
  • Functional pieces
  • Decorative pieces
  • Coasters
  • Sun catchers
  • Wind chimes

and lots more.

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